The Ultimate Home Inspection Checklist for New Homeowners in Arizona

As a new homeowner, the excitement of moving into your dream house can be overwhelming. However, ensuring that your new home is safe and in good condition is crucial. This is where a thorough home inspection comes into play. At 22 Homes Inspect, a veteran-owned company in Arizona, we pride ourselves on providing meticulous home inspections. This ultimate home inspection checklist will guide you through the process and help you understand what to look for to ensure your new home is up to standard.

Exterior Inspection

  1. Roof
    • Check for missing, damaged, or aging shingles.
    • Inspect for leaks, moss, and mold growth.
    • Ensure gutters and downspouts are securely attached and clear of debris.
  2. Foundation
    • Look for cracks or signs of water damage.
    • Ensure the ground around the foundation slopes away to prevent water accumulation.
  3. Exterior Walls
    • Inspect for cracks, peeling paint, and signs of pests.
    • Check for proper caulking around windows and doors to prevent water intrusion.
  4. Windows and Doors
    • Ensure all windows and doors open, close, and lock properly.
    • Look for broken or cracked glass and damaged screens.

Interior Inspection

  1. Attic
    • Check for proper insulation and ventilation.
    • Look for signs of water damage, mold, or pests.
  2. Basement/Crawl Space
    • Inspect for moisture, mold, and proper insulation.
    • Check for structural issues, such as cracks or sagging.
  3. Plumbing
    • Look for leaks in pipes, faucets, and water heaters.
    • Ensure proper water pressure and drainage in sinks, showers, and toilets.
  4. Electrical Systems
    • Check for exposed wiring and ensure all outlets and switches function correctly.
    • Verify that the electrical panel is labeled and up to code.
  5. HVAC Systems
    • Inspect the furnace, air conditioning units, and ductwork.
    • Ensure filters are clean and replaced regularly.

Safety Features

  1. Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
    • Test all detectors to ensure they are functioning correctly.
    • Replace batteries and ensure proper placement throughout the home.
  2. Fire Extinguishers
    • Ensure fire extinguishers are accessible and fully charged.
    • Familiarize yourself with their usage and maintenance.
  3. Security Systems
    • Check that all security systems, including alarms and cameras, are operational.
    • Ensure all entry points are secure.

Veteran Insights: Why Choose 22 Homes Inspect?

As a veteran-owned business, 22 Homes Inspect brings military precision and attention to detail to every home inspection. Our founder, a former Green Beret and sniping instructor, applies the same level of thoroughness and accuracy to ensure your home is safe and sound. Located in Arizona, we understand the unique challenges of homeownership in this region, from extreme heat to monsoon season. Trust us to provide a comprehensive inspection that leaves no stone unturned.

A thorough home inspection is essential for new homeowners to ensure their investment is secure. By following this ultimate home inspection checklist, you can identify potential issues and address them promptly. For a professional and detailed inspection, contact 22 Homes Inspect. Our veteran-owned expertise guarantees peace of mind and a safe home for you and your family.

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